I’ve been to Japan a lot, and I like taking photos there. I’ll take a while to add all the content, but here’s the interim listing:

  1. 2008 January – Three sights of Japan, Hinamizawa, Miasa near Nagano
  2. 2009 January – First Comiket, made many new friends
  3. 2011 January – Comiket again, cosplayed with Ayu, Hinamizawa with crew, Ueda from Summer Wars, A-Button
  4. 2012 March – with Trej for Miku Party concert, Komoro from AnoNatsu, cosplayed Kurisu, lots of Steins;Gate
  5. 2013 January – Comiket, Kagoshima with Ast and Akira, Sakurajima, Tanegashima (Robotics;Notes), Kawaguchiko in Fuji, maybe Himeji
  6. 2013 August – First Natsuket, first summer in JP, roadtrips to Sendai and Aomori, Fukushima, Fairlady rental
  7. 2014 February – with Kat
  8. 2016 September – Magical Mirai with Trej, Mayu and Chris in Odaiba, Numazu, Uchiura, try to catch Sarah in Matsue
  9. 2019 December – with Kat and Adrian to Hokkaido, meeting some friends along the way in Kyoto and Nagano
  10. 2024 May – Solo trip due to change of plans, first time ever with perfect weather. Hike in Gunma and revisit Hinamizawa

If you’re after some recommendations I have those too. In fact I have a big list of stuff to visit and do in Japan that I’d happily recommend.

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